Solution #1    THE 50/50 PARTY

This is an ideal way to raise between $300 to $1,000. Great for Little Leagues, PTA's and School groups.

Example: Each potential bowler sells a ticket for (ie.) $15.00 to attend a bowling fundraiser party which will include 2 hours of bowling (regular, red pin, 3,6,9 pin, a no tap, etc...), refreshments and prizes.

For each ticket you sell, your group keeps half of it (ie. $7.50). If people who bought the ticket do not attend the bowling fundraising party your group gets to keep all of the ticket price.

Group sells 100 tickets @ $15.00 each= $1,500.00.

80 people come to the bowling fundraiser; group keeps $600.00 (80 people x $7.50 ea..)

20 people do not come, your group keeps an additional $300.00 (20 people x $15.00 ea..)

Total Raised for your group $900.00

Solution #2    RENT THE CENTER

Your group or organization would rent the bowling center on a per person/ Per lane basis. For example if you had 96 people bowling on 16 lanes, rental fees would then be deducted and your fund would receive the remainder.


96 bowlers x $11.00 ea.. = $1,056.00 less $550.00 rental fee.

Your group receives$556.00


Your group might be able to hire a local celebrity (TV news personality, radio DJ, sports star or

another type of well know local hero) to bowl with you on your fundraising day (night). Each person (ie $25.00) to bowl with the celebrity.

Example: 100 people pay $25.00ea = $2,500.00

100 people pay (ie) $2.25 per game for 3 games = 300 games x $2.25 = $675.00

Total income $ 2,500.00

Cost (300 games x $2.25) = $ 675.00

Your group receives

$ 1,825.00


Each person in your group planning to attend the bowling fundraising event would solicit pledges based upon the number of total pins knocked down by that person during the event. Pledges can also be based on $2.00 per game. Some groups ask for $5.00, $10.00 or $15.00 per pledge.


Average score per bowler per game = 135

15 pledges x 3 cents per pin = 45 cents

135 pins x 45 cents = $ 60.75

50 bowlers x $60.75 = $3,037.50

3 games x $3,037.50 = $9,112.50

(less cost of bowling = $ 337.50)

Total Raised = $8,775.00


Does your business, organization (ie: Chamber of Commerce, University, Orchestra,

Community Arts Center, Political Party) need to raise money?

Well, if they do, this type of bowling Fundraiser will work great.

Simply sell a "lane" for a tax deductible contribution of $100.00, $250.00, $500.00 or $1,000.00 to

another group who then sends six guests to a very special "party".

Your group raises $3,200.00

The party would include (ie: 2 hours of bowling, shoes, public address, food,

beverages and prizes.

Example: Your group sells all 16 lanes @ $200.00 each

($200.00 x 16 lanes) = $3,200.00 Bowling costs $ 600.00

Total Raised

$ 2,600.00